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Cofinanced by European Commision.

EnergaP - Energy Agency of Podravje

Institut for sustainable energy use

About us

Local energy agency was established in June 2006 and is cofinanced by European Commision programme Intelegent Energy Europe. EnergaP covers the area of Municipality of Maribor and 15 smaller municipalities in Podravje region together around 180.000 inhabitants. We support the introduction of good energy management practices, advocate the concept of sustainability, provide information and guidance, and offer a number of other local services based on specific local energy needs. We operate impartially on both energy demand and supply issues and reflect the local situations, economic and social circumstances and the geographical size of the relevant local area. We provide :

  • Information, advice and training on energy management issues
  • Support for the implementation of local/regional energy plans
  • Energy audits of public and private buildings
  • Raising awareness on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and transport issues
  • Search for energy-management incentive funds at national and international level

We can give wide-ranging advice on all aspects of energy, as well as technical assistance in the design of energy projects, heritage and infrastructure and provision of public information on these topics. The EnergaP acts as a contact point for relations with European networks and institutions as well as an intermediary to local, regional and national players.

EnergaP is involved in many local and national projects.
We also cooperate in 7. EU cofinanced projects:
  • »Madegascar« - Introduction of the natural gas and biogas in the cars,
  • »Benefit« - Promotion of public transport,
  • »Minus 3% - Energy efficiency in public buildings,
  • »ICT21EE« -   Information and communication technologies in energy efficiency,
  • »SO-PRO« - Solar Process Heat,  Newsletter 1
  • »See-Hydropower« - targeted to improve water resource management for a growing renewable
  • »RETS« - Renewable Energies Transfer System

Brochure about EnergaP´s activities

Second Newsletter of Consortium Energap - Asea - Apea - Fenercom

Introduction of the central energy management system in public buildings in Maribor

Short presentation.ppt (442kB)

Statute of the Agency Energetska agencija za Podravje.pdf (92kB)

Presentation of the EnergaP activity.pdf (1MB)

Best practice database - EnergaP

First Newsletter of Consortium Energap - Asea - Apea - Fenercom

Best practice - New Taxis powered by LPG in Madrid

Best practice - Sustainable hospital

Best practice - Heating installation based on biomass in greenhouses

Annual report 2008

Information about sustainable urban transport plan for Maribor (SUTP)



Smetanova ulica 31
2000 Maribor

Phone: +386 2 234 23 60
Fax: +386 2 234 23 61
E-mail: info@energap.si

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